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Change the Game at Labelexpo Europe: Redefine experience with smart-label technology

OEGSTGEEST, the Netherlands — September 28, 2017 — The increasingly interactive and interconnected network of “smart” devices, commonly referred to as the “Internet of Things” (IoT), is reshaping how we all experience our daily lives. Avery Dennison, which has been pioneering change for decades, has developed a portfolio of Intelligent Label Solutions – meaning label applications that can store or capture information and transmit data wirelessly.

“RFID is a game changer,” said Georg Müller-Hof, vice president marketing for Avery Dennison Europe. “The technology is at the core of the IoT, and it’s revolutionizing labelling and product packaging. By taking advantage of our Intelligent Label Solutions,” he added, “label converters and brand owners have a golden opportunity to be on the cutting edge of a phenomenon that’s changing our world.”

The company takes advantage of its significant presence at Labelexpo 2017 in Brussels to showcase its recently introduced Intelligent Label Solutions.

Building on its show theme of “Pioneering Change,” Avery Dennison will introduce a set of innovative products that have RFID technology at their core. The products are engineered to help label converters and brand owners grow their business in a world increasingly shaped by the IoT, by enabling interaction between their products and such devices as smartphones, with other networked objects containing RFID.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) estimates that by 2020, more than 50 billion objects will be networked. Many of those objects will use RFID. It follows that the IoT is heavily influencing the course of product packaging.

With Avery Dennison Intelligent Label Solutions, converters and brand owners can grow their business by embracing this revolution. Intelligent Label Solutions currently include:

  • RFID Product Portfolio – An extensive portfolio of RFID inlays. These are designed and manufactured by Avery Dennison for use in retail, medical, transport, logistics, manufacturing, and other industries. Wafer-thin, tough, and economical, RFID inlays can be used in a wide variety of objects, including virtually any pressure-sensitive label construction.

  • TT Sensor Plus™ 2 – A small (⅓ of a credit card), wireless, single-use, self-adhesive label can be adhered to, or placed inside of, a shipping package to log and store temperature data. The data is stored in a near-field communication (NFC) microchip and can be uploaded to the cloud via a smartphone or a computer at any point in the package’s journey. TT Sensor Plus 2 is intended for pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and other industries where careful monitoring of a temperature-controlled supply chain ensures compliance and quality.
A leader in the development and manufacture of RFID inlays, Avery Dennison continues to pioneer change by being at the forefront of the IoT and intelligent label revolution. The company is committed to helping label converters take advantage of opportunities to grow with this trend.

Learn more about these and other innovative Avery Dennison solutions that can help generate new opportunities for growing the business at Labelexpo Brussels in hall 5, 5A31. For more information visit label.averydennison.eu.

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